Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flood Videos

When we first decided to move to the Providence area, we randomly came across this area called Pawtuxet Village. And while the houses there cost a million billion dollars, we ended up fairly close to it anyway, a little bit north in Providence. I never would have thought that that little river that runs under the bridge there would be the top story on the national news. But here we are--above is the normally calm river spilling out into the cove at liquid death-defying speed. Shot by me around noon today.

Here it is looking straight out from the middle of the bridge:

Compare that to the flat, calm river seen on Street Views:

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Here's a side view of the rapids:

Now looking off the other side of the bridge, you can see in this photo (taken by someone else) that it's normally a serene waterfall, with a little island with a tree on it. Even in vids from the last few days you can at least see that tree. But today, when I got there, it was gone, and that lil' waterfall is just part of the raging rapids:

All the people on the bridge taking pics are causing the traffic to back up there. I was one of the few people who thought to go all the way around to the other side of the cove to get a view of the bridge with the water coming out from underneath, and everybody along the top. Looks like a pretty solid bridge. We should be good. That river got to over 20 feet! (Flood stage is 9 feet.)

Yeah, I heard you guys got walloped down there. I live by the Blackstone River and it's raging.
Fortch our house is not in the flood plain. But we did use a lot of towels stopping water from leaking in.
All the more reason to live on the East Side. And then be stuck-up about it.
A couple more inches of rain and we ALL would've been living on the east side.

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