Friday, March 05, 2010

Did You Know He Could Soap Sculpt?

Red Sox take a 1-0 lead in the Mayor's Cup race with a 2-1 win. First Castiglione of the year! Heard him a little in the car. Last season, I had this great idea to interview the mayor of Fort Myers about his "Cup." I e-mailed him some awesome questions. No response. Somebody else should try it this year. I gave it a shot.

I've been asking Kim for months to make me a big block of green soap so I can "sculpt" a Fenway Park out of it. Last night, she made a batch of soap too green by accident--so she let me use it for my little project. Here's how far I got in a few hours tonight:

This is not a finished product! I just wanted to get the main level down. I still have to smooth it out (I did this entirely with a butter knife!), put in the seating sections, light towers, foul poles, alley ways, poles, and make the upper levels look more realistic. Who knows how far I'll get with this. I also threw a printed-out version of the field on there and made some makeshift buildings and scoreboard just for this picture. The playing surface looks a little weird because the corners of that piece of paper are curling up.

So Sunday's game is not on NESN, it's on MLB Network. But, MLBN's web site says the game will be "blacked out in local areas." Which probably means Boston. You know where that game should be blacked out? Fucking Florida!

Finally, this is what happens when you open up the cat nip in the cupboard:
Top floor: Amazing Larry. Bottom floor: Danzig.


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