Saturday, March 20, 2010


Arrived at Chan's apartment at 7:30 last night, after finding a parking spot within a block. As we walked toward the subway, the faces flipping past us, I turned to Chan and said, "This is like some kind of real-life Chat Roulette."

The smell of the city reminded me of San Juan--but I think I just associate being outside in a city at but having it suddenly be warm with San Juan. The smell was quickly replaced with another anyway. Then another, and on and on.

Got to Saigon Grill where we hoped to see some of the NCAA games. The place was packed, but somehow there were two open seats at the end of the bar under the TV. My magical weekend of awesomeness continues. Gotta go outside now--supposed to be 75. You should do it too. Seriously.

Alan Embree.

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