Saturday, March 20, 2010

Celeb Guess Who/The Jersey Game

I've been thinking lately about making a master list of "celebs I've seen." Because I seem to see a lot. Every time I go to NYC, I see one. I go, and I think, Okay, the streak has to end, I can't expect to see one every time. But then I see one. (I also realize that hearing which celebrities someone else saw is about as boring as listening to someone describe a dream they had, and I realize that people who never see celebs sometimes get pissed when you tell them just how many you've seen, so, I guess when I write about this, feel free to not read it.)

So this time, it was the guy in the pic above. He was sitting at a restaurant right at the window, and I spotted him as me, Mike, and Chan walked by. I didn't bring my camera but Mike had one in his phone, so I did a walk-by and shot from the hip. I'm surprised at how good this came out, but...I know who I'm looking for, and you don't, so I figured I'd see if any of you can figure out who it is before I say it. [Update: fc was the first to guess and got it right--it's the first comment, I won't say it here if you still want to play along.]

Frisbee in Central Park today. 75-ish degrees. The awesomeness continues. Except for the part when Reb left me a comment that said "Alan Embree. Yikes." I figured either he had a drug overdose, killed someone, or was signed by the Red Sox. Turns out it's only a minor league deal. Whew.

I also came up with the best game ever. Okay, 340th-ish best. As we walked around New York today, anytime someone spotted a player tee or jersey, they could take that player for their "team," or pass him on to someone else. It was like a draft. I spotted Mickey Mantle and took him with my first pick. Mike got Tom Brady, and Chan got A-Rod to complete round one. We figured it would go nine rounds, and at the end, you rate the teams, based on total talent. Chan said it would take all day to finish the teams, but we did complete 5 2/3rds rounds. Then we named the teams....

My team (Washington (State) Deer):

Mickey Mantle, [the celebrity above--he's actually not an athlete but we figured we'd allow celebs as long as they were seen in person)], Yao Ming, Derrek Lee, T-Mac.

Mike's team (Utah Elks):

Tom Brady, Marcus Allen (great moment here as Mike said Yes to Allen, only to have the guy wearing the Raiders 32 jersey turn around to reveal "Calderon" on the back), Patrick Ewing, Chauncey Billups, Cal Ripken, Kobe Bryant (I spotted Kobe but didn't want him on my squad--Mickey Mantle I probably also should have let go, too, but I figured I'd get my team off to a solid start by taking him)

Chan's team (Northern Iowa Deer Ticks--obviously influenced by my Deer squad and the fact that we watched Northern Iowa upset Kansas at that Irish bar): A-Rod, Tino Martinez (who Mike passed on out of loyalty to Don Mattingly), Kevin Garnett, some hockey player named Toews, Hideki Matsui, Mark Teixeira

Players we all passed on: Matt Garza, and probably others that I can't remember. Also, I had someone else that we forgot, so I took....well, you get the picture at this point. This whole post feels extra-lunatic-rant-y....

[Update: I've been watching that April Yankee series like a hawk for weeks--finally, today, the day I'm out all day, they put the little Ts up there, so tickets are available, not for Opening Day, but for the next two games. These could have been up all day for all I know, but they're up now, and you can even get two together in the grandstand. Check it out.]

I'm getting The Ghostly Image of Matt Dillon from that pic.
Thank you! It IS Matt Dillon, star of Over the Edge.

I didn't consider the whole "reflection" thing, but there's nothing else I could have done, short of walking in there and asking to take a pic.

I thought it was odd for a celeb to sit right in the window like that, but I'm glad he did because I'm proud to add Dillon to my list.

Out of respect for his privacy, I won't say where this was, other than it's kind of near where Seinfeld lives.

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