Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Work was rained out today! I had to take a long-cut and still almost didn't make it, but I drove through a lil' lake and got to work at 9:53. At 9:55, they said they were gonna close the building at 10:00. So I had a seven-minute workday. There was pretty much only one road out that wasn't closed, and fortunately it led toward 95 so I was able to get home.

They're actually talking about "life-threatening flooding." I've never seen it like this, where even the woods is under water, with trees sprouting up from lakes. Rivers on the sides of the highway, giant pools on lawns, dogs and cats living together!

This new day off will give me time to post pics from last night at the event I went to which for some reason I'm keeping a secret.


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