Monday, March 29, 2010

Adrenalin Opening Day

If you've ever sat outside at for four hours at night in April in Boston, you know what it's like to "do things that aren't fun." So once I knew Opening Day would be Opening Night and that I'd be there, I started rooting for a minimum 70-degree day to ensure night would be manageable. Currently, it's actually looking good. Sunday is the golden day of the next 10 in 02215-ville, coming in at 74 degrees. Even if that day only ends up being 60, I'll take it. It'll still be in the 40s at night, but that's better than 20s. Right about now it's time to forget about our communal disgust over Opening Day not being in the daytime, and start getting psyched for the first game of the season. I hope they do that thing where the players come through the crowd again, as I wasn't there for it last year.

This past Saturday I was visiting my friends who I'll be going to Opening Night with. As I left their house around 11:00, it was 30 degrees. I told them they should spend the rest of the night sitting out on their porch for practice. Went home and dug out my long johns, Red Sox knit hat, Red Sox scarf, Red Sox gloves, winter boots... but I'd love it if I didn't have to use 'em!

The forceast for Sunday is made even better by the fact that they're predicting rain for Monday, so if they hadn't moved the game, we'd all be freezing and getting rained on.

Can't wait!

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