Monday, March 08, 2010

1999 Int'l Chan Trip, A Continuing Series

I've been digging up old footage for the world, aka you and like 42 other people, to see. I just found the trip Chan and I took to Toronto, Detroit, and Pittsburgh in 1999. I had him do the taping using my video camera at the time, which used the type of tape you'd insert into a larger VHS tape with a compartment in it to to watch later. Fortunately, I saved the "Playpak" and am therefore able to access the original footage.

In clip #1, I have told Chan to film me as I cross into Canada for the first time in my life. He misunderstood my instructions, getting the mid-bridge border flags instead. Then as he starts to announce how many times each of us had been to Canada, you hear Castiglione inciting some worry, telling us that the tying runs were on, at which point I interrupt Chan. (Yes, 1080 Hartford comes in crystal clear anywhere in the northern hemisphere except for the Ridgebury section of Ridgefield, Connecticut, where it's overpowered by the Orioles station. Specifically in the house I grew up in.) Anyway, I figured out the point in the game Joe was describing (the date is right on the screen so the hard part was taken care of). It's the bottom of the eighth, and D-Lowe has just hit Bubba Trammel.

Hopefully the rest of the segments you see will include some actual ballparks/sites. Also note, I really do most of this "random video" stuff to get it off of deteriorating tapes and into the digital realm, so any enjoyment you get out of it is a bonus. (You should see what I don't post!)

Red Sox vs. Cardinals, 1:05 PM. Happy birthday, Dad! (And Jim Rice! And my cousin Newy!)


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