Monday, February 22, 2010

The Wrath Of DD. Con?

Today my boss said that a certain project has a "drop dead date" of March 1st. Then at lunch I heard some sports radio host say that some team gave some player a "drop dead date" to sign a contract. This can't be a coincidence. This term is obviously making the rounds, and I missed it until today. Right? I don't live in NYC anymore so I'm running 2-3 months behind. Then again, if I just "read the Internet" I can hear more current terms or whatever. And I could also do a search on it. But who cares, the point is, are you people aware of this "drop dead" term? And don't tell me you were saying it in the 70s or something....

That phrase has been around as long as I can remember, but that is usually a day or two at the most.
That helps.....
In the interest of actually trying to help, I found this:Our expression, drop-dead, as an adjective or adverb meaning 'dazzling(ly); awe-inspiring(ly); astonishing(ly)', is first found about 1970. (The form drop-dead designating the last possible time for something--"what's the drop-dead date for these corrections?"--is earlier, but probably not directly related.) at . So I'm guessing it's been around for a while.
That's so weird--I've worked in "publishing" for like 6 total years and I never heard anyone use it, until twice yesterday.

I've used that expression since at least 1970. I also started using verbs before everyone else.
I think you told me to drop dead once, twice, thrice. Just kidding, I don't think you were ever THAT passionate.

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