Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Warmly Huggs

As you know, sometimes I'll open up spam e-mails for some comic relief. Check out what this awesome girl named Rose sent me! (This is the full e-mail, in italics, with my comments below each line.)

am interested in you

Ooh, I'm feeling special already.

Am Rose,a tall good looking young girl,so lovely and caring with good understanding.

Am Jere, I'm only about 5'9" but I could always get Timberlands. You understand...goodly.

fair in complexion,care with good sharing,honesty.

I'm still here.

I saw your add at www.webindia----.com which interested me much and i decided to contact you.

Oh that's right! I leave adds at so many of these Indian dating/porn/arranged marriage sites, sometimes I forget. I do a lot of good sharing myself so it gets a little jumbled up in my mind.

I really want to have a good friendship with you
even if you have married we can be friend ok ,

I don't have married yet, and Kim always lets me befriend tall, fair-complexioned, young, good looking women who care with good sharing and good understanding, so it shouldn't be a problem ok.

i have a reason of
selecting you as my friend,

I knew this wasn't just a form letter!

pls if you wish to know more.Pls contact me
through this my id We need to talk and
know ourself more and equally share pictures to each other.hope to hear
from you.

You've made your point.

Bye with a warmly

Give a warmly huggs to Dorothy and Blanche for me!

Funny stuff, Jere!
I just choked while laughing. That's how friggin hard I was laughing.

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