Monday, February 15, 2010

Truck Arrives In The Confederacy

Notice how in this photo gallery of the Red Sox' equipment arriving in Ft. Myers that the white guys are called "workers" while those lazy African Americans are merely "attendants."

To be fair, in photo 2 a white guy is called an attendant.
I wonder if that changed, or if I just missed it, since I looked at each one twice to make sure before I said anything. Or maybe because in that shot they don't actually describe the guy pictured, they just talk about attendants in general--but see, if that were the case, I would have mentioned that, so I don't know.... had I been able to, I would have screen-shotted the whole thing.
The biggest fear of the racism-accuser is having someone say Yeah but look at this clear evidence that you're wrong. All I can say is that I checked and double-checked before posting. I wonder if anyone read it and saw a different caption to confirm they changed it. Or if I'm just an idiot.
Maybe entry level is "worker" & you move up to "attendant".
That would be cool.

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