Friday, February 26, 2010

Stuff I Always Say, Volume [Insert Comically High And Non-Rounded Off Number]

Heard the classic complaints about Fenway tickets on the radio this morning. I was told that I have to be a millionaire or have tickets willed to me to get in the park, and that it would cost four people over $500 to go to a game including the minimum $35 parking. So how is it that I go to 20 games a year and never paid more than face value once? And park for mere quarters every time? And have plenty of room in my seat that supposedly a child can't even fit into? And avoid right field seats that face Cambridge every time?

People who don't pay attention are the ones who "can't get tickets." The rest of us get exactly what we want and have to hold back from buying too many.

Tomorrow, buy opening day tix on the phone if you want, even. (You may have to "not skim" to find the correct section on that page.) Or just keep assuming there's no way to get inside Fenway Park.


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