Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rare Good TV

I had no idea "shows I like" were premiering last night, but fortunately I checked the sked just in time.

The Ricky Gervais Show debuted--it's just cartoons over the audio of his hilarious podcasts. I never did go and listen to all of them when they first came out, so this is a good chance to catch up. It's all about the audio, but some of the things they "brought to life" were pretty funny, too. If you've never heard Ricky's podcasts, they're basically him and Stephen Merchant listening to and rightly criticizing the thoughts and ideas of one Karl Pilkington.

The show ended and The (also animated) Life and Times of Tim came on. This show always looked kinda funny to me, but I never did see an episode. Terrible job by me, because it's good! That's some snappy-ass writing right there. And each voice you hear, you say, Oh yeah, I know this voice! So that's another show I'll keep tuning in for. This was the debut of season three.

And holy crap, Bill Maher is back already. These shows are all on HBO, by the way. It was a pretty good Maher this time--Seth MacFarlane was on again, along with Spitzer and Sykes. Line of the night by MacFarlane, and I'm paraphrasing: Obama won't try Cheney for war crimes because he thinks if he does, no Republicans will ever vote for him--but they're not gonna vote for him anyway, so why not string him up??

And then Funny or Die had its own show, but I didn't stay up for it.

Not trying McCain for war crimes? I think you mean George W., right?
You also have to remember Obama won with a lot of the Independent vote as well. You don't want to piss them off either.
Ha--I meant to say Cheney.... I better change that. Come on, they both have white hair... whoops.

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