Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hold on to your sombreros, everybody, I'm about to say something nice about those double-thieves,* tick3tmast3r. They now offer you the chance to select your exact seat. I've seen this for venues (usually theater-types) who sell tix independently or using a smaller ticketing service, but now, if I want, I can buy tickets to a Denver Nuggets game or whatever by looking at a seating chart showing me every single available seat. That's like, the dream. Like being on the other side of the glass at the ticket booth and being able to look at the whole chart and know exactly which seats are taken and which aren't.

Fenway Park sells through on the Internet, and they don't have this service. Yet. That would be awesome. As it is now, if I choose "bleachers," I could be by the camera well in center, up by the scoreboard, near the Dunkin Dugout, or front row in front of the visiting bullpen catcher. How sweet would it be to choose your seats at Fenway?

*A thief just hikes up prices on their item and invents exorbitant fees to tack on. A double-thief does this, sells the item to people who are only in it to re-sell, then sets up another store specifically for those buyers to turn around and sell the same item, allowing them to collect more fees for the same item.


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