Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh My Cardboard God

This is awesome. Topps is giving away one of every card they've ever produced. One in six packs contains a code which you can check on their website to see which card you've won. It could be a '66 Yaz, it could be an '87 Robidoux. Once you have a card, it becomes virtual, and you can trade it with other winners. Or you can have them send you the actual card at any time.

And the name of the promotion is "The Cards Your Mom Threw Out." After my dad's mom threw out his old cards, there was no chance I was letting anyone touch mine! But it would be sweet to win some old cards from before my day, and maybe my dad will buy a pack or two to see if he can get some Piersalls or something.

Note: The person who alerted me to this was my mom, who reiterates she never threw away any of my cards.


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