Thursday, February 18, 2010

Noon Old

Pitchers & catchers officially report right now! I'm watching the countdown on the Red Sox site, and it's just sitting at 1 minute left. I also noticed the pic they used on there for the latest ticket lottery is a crazy high-angle shot of Fenway from the 1999 season. Speaking of 1999, can you find the Red Sox pitcher on this list of Rhode Island's Most Delinquent?

Also right now, the scavenger hunt ends. Fingers crossed.

Oh! It finally changed--the countdown clock now shows first spring training game. 14 days, 7 hours, 2 minutes

I was thinking Reardon right off the bat (where did he do his crime?), but it looks like it's another pitcher -- and the last guy on the list.
Yes, Mark Portugal. Click the top of the $ amount column and he can be right on top! I went and looked at his house on google maps! On street views, there's an odd "black hole" nearby.

Reardon--oh right the jewelry store robbery...don't know where that was without checking.

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