Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Timers

Dear Humanity,

If you want to go that Futures dub-hed, you can get in a pre-sale tomorrow if you're an RSN member. But that game doesn't sell very fast, and with no Port. or Paw. it will sell even slower. So feel free to wait. I'm just sayin', if you want front row action, the pre-sale's the way to go.

Hey, if they ever start doing Old Timers' games at Fenway again, they should call it "Pasts at Fenway." Or if alliteration is a requirement, "Pasts at the Park." In fact, how about a doubleheader with one game of minor leaguers and one game of ex-major leaguers? FP at FP, Futures/Pasts at Fenway Park.

The team does have a relationship with several beloved former Sox, so getting them to do stuff wouldn't be a problem. It all comes down to whether they'd want to play. Of the "good relations" guys, you have the beginnings of an All-Star Old Timers Team: Fisk, Lynn, Rice, Evans, Tiant, etc.

[Update: Wow, I really screwed up the pre-sale info--it was actually today for both RSN members and season ticket holders, including me as a 10-game plan holder. I got confused as to which one I was "invited" to, AND I had the date wrong anyway. TJ by me.]


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