Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Leg Out/Leg Up

When I was talking about the sports references on The Cleveland Show, I terribly left out the funniest one. They actually brought up Tony Pena's "one leg out" catching style! Which I had mentioned only a few days earlier in one of my Fave Sox by Number posts! So....

I'd also like to congratulate my pal Evan Brunell, who just got a job at NESN. I've been linking to his blog (Firebrand of the AL) and the bigger site he ran until its recent demise ( for over five years now. I also have never forgotten that it was Evan who was responsible for getting me a ticket to the ring ceremony in 2005. I also got to meet him that day, and he's a "class act." So, nice job on making the big leagues, Evan.


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