Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Favorite Sox By Uniform Number, Part 5: 51-Infinity

51: Julian Tavarez was the most colorful 51. And, it appears, he was my fave.

52: Boddicker or Snyder, Boddicker or Snyder.... I dunno.

53: We're up in that territory where Aardsma wins awards. In this case, he wins the Jere's Favorite 53 award.

54: Morgan Burkhart. But also Breslow.

55: Lenny DiNardo. Though I liked Randy Kutcher, and he didn't get a mention n the 5 category, so....

56: You may be surprised this is a landslide, but it is, for Darren Bragg.

57: Juan Pena. I thought he and Brian Rose were gonna take us to the P.L.


59: Abe Alvarez.

60: David Pauley beats out four other dudes. I would totally take LeVangie if coaches were allowed.

61: Bronson Arroyo. Sorry, Clay--but you've got time to overtake.

62: Jon Lester, even though....you know.

63: Justin Masterson.

64: Pedroia and Bowden have been the only two to wear it. I'll go Dustin, even though Bowden was probably hoping I gave him the nod since Dustin got a mention in the 15 category.

65: Carlos Valdez wins! (since no other player wore 65)

66: Joe Cascarella with the victory! (wore it in 1935 and no one else ever has)

67: Anastacio Martinez (see previous two numbers)

68: Hansack! And not by default either!

69-76: No Red Sox have ever worn these numbers. (In case you haven't figured it out, this is a regular season only list.)

77: Josh Bard (default)

81: Lou Lucier (default)

82: Johnny Lazor (default, BUT, up until a few years ago, he was the guy with the highest number in team history. And I was fascinated with this, because why would he and Lucier have worn 82 and 83, both in 1943, a good 40 years before the team started regularly giving out numbers higher than 50? I even found and bought an old newspaper with an article about Lazor when I was on vacation in Seattle in July 2004. The point is, this guy would be my favorite 82 even he had competition.

83: It's very important that you know it's by default that Eric Gagne is my favorite Red Sox to ever wear the number 83.

84: JT Snow (default)

85 and above: No Red Sox have ever worn these numbers.

The End. Again, thanks to Kristen aka Red Sox Diehard who keeps up the all-time Sox uni list.


why would he and Lucier have worn 82 and 83, both in 1943

Looks like Lucier is still alive -- turns 92 next month. Maybe he could tell you why.
54 - Mike Rochford (born 7 months before me in Mass., but graduated from South Burlington, VT)

56 - Dropkick Izzy

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