Monday, February 15, 2010

Favorite Sox By Uniform Number, Part 4: 41-50

41: Wow, I guess I've never liked any 41s more than I did Dick Drago, and that just from seeing his card and liking his name when I was really young.

42: Mo Vaughn is the son of my dad's colleague, and we were aware of him coming up in high school and then college, and it was pretty freakin' sweet when he was drafted by the Red Sox, let alone when he became an actual superstar/MVP-type. So he was a fave since way before he was even in the majors.

43: We called my sister "The Eck" in the early 80s, since her long black hair under a Red Sox hat made her look like Dennis Eckersley. Who'd have thought Eck would still be entertaining us all these years later?

44: I guess I go with O-Cab here even though he's also in the 36 category. Or do I go with Gabe even though he's in the 19 category? I don't know.

45: I'll give you one guess.

46: Steamer is the all-time standby as 46. But I'll go Ellsbury.

47: Bruce Hurst.

48: Lee Smith.

49: Wakefield easy.

50: Really don't know where to go here, and I don't even have the mental strength to transcribe what the voices in my head are saying right now.



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