Sunday, February 14, 2010

Favorite Sox By Uniform Number, Part 3: 31-40

31: Dave Roberts had some weak competition here, right up until Jon Lester solidified 31. So I'll go Roberts, but we'll see how Lester's career shakes out. I'm definitely a huge fan of his already.

32: Now we get into the numbers that were reserved for coaches and managers when I was growing up, and they don't count. I'm going with Derek Lowe here--again, weak competition.

33: Jason Varitek.

34: I really liked Scott Cooper, and who didn't love El Guapo? But I'll take Papi.

35: Matt Stairs! I still think he's somehow going to be the Red Sox' all-time home run king....

36: Orlando Cabrera. Even though he's better known as 44. DOes this break one of my rules? I don't even remember anymore....

37: The man who wanted to wear 337 (LEE upside down) but settled for 37. Bill Lee. Gotta give a nod to Jimmy Piersall here, too, as I did a book report on him in high school, and he was from CT, and, you know, he was Jimmy Piersall.

38: I liked Schilling and all...but not as much as I liked young sensation Todd Benzinger.

39: My all-time fave, who doesn't get mentioned enough on this blog because of all the Ged-mania, Mike Greenwell. Hon. men.: the U. of Nebraska's Adam Stern.

40: For some reason, my thoughts have always immediately gone to John Dopson when I hear the number 40. But that doesn't mean I was a huge fan. Gotta go Hendu, but I also was a big fan of Erik Hanson that one year.


Had no idea that O-Cab wore 36. Definatey good to know. Although, Tom Gordon would be a good choice. Not Brad Penny though.
Yeah, no Penny. And I also was a big Flash Gordon fan when we had him, but he got too Yankified later on for me to like him much at this point.
O.C. joined the team when they were on the road and wore 36 in his first couple of games. When they returned home he switched to 44.

I think they only have a couple of spare numbers with them on road trips, because I remember Scott Williamson wearing 36 in his first couple of games in 2003 before switching to 48. (That same year Sauerbeck started with 48 and then switched to 47 when Williamson took 48.)

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