Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Faces (Not The Store In Northampton)

When I heard about manningface.com, it sounded funny. "All the different facial expressions of the Mannings," I was promised. Then when I went there, I just saw a bunch of pictures of the Mannings. If I didn't know what the site was called, I wouldn't even know they were supposed to be showing me facial expressions specifically. And the expressions aren't funny anyway. It's almost like I'm looking at the rejection pile of faces that weren't deemed funny enough for the main site.

I do like the slapped-together layout, though. If the faces were funny, that would make the whole thing funnier.

Faces in NoHo is awesome. A lot of cool shit there. When I lived in Western Mass my normal spring Saturday was like this: take a few hits to mellow me out, go to Sylvester's with my gf, Thornes, the little coffee shop next to Faces, then to check out all the cool shit in Faces.
Haymarket. Great coffee shop. And I don't drink coffee.

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