Wednesday, February 10, 2010

But Why Watches?

All the spam I've been getting lately has been asking me to check out these awesome watches. Sometimes the spam is sent from my own e-mail address, too, which is weird. What have I done to suggest I need fine watches? I've never even worn a watch. I haven't been surfing watch porn sites as far as I know. Why watches? Why??

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who is bombed with e-mail promoting genuine fake watches. And the weird part is that my own watch stopped working about a month ago, and the e-mails increased in volume after that. It's like they knew.

If I figure out why or how, I'll drop you a line.

I haven't been surfing watch porn sites as far as I know.

Heh heh heh!!!
Wait, we should stop talking about this or we're gonna get more watch spam!
Shit, I only get spam to enlarge my pecker. Consider yourself lucky.

It'll be cool if they incorporated both types of spamming, a watch for your enlarged pecker.

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