Monday, February 22, 2010

BK Lounge

Back in '94 when I was in college, I read something in Flipside about this band Bikini Kill, and how "Rebel Girl" was the song of the year or something. I bought their cd and I was hooked. I was totally down with their feminist viewpoint and ovaries-to-the-wall rock 'n' roll. (Still am!) That same year they came to a small club near our campus in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I was fortunate enough to be able to see them play. The group has been broken up for over a decade, but recently they started putting together an archive, asking fans to share memories of the band. I e-mailed my story of the awkward moment I had after that show with the singer, Kathleen Hanna, and she just posted it on their site! Read my Bikini Kill story here.

I've been telling this story for years. And thanks to mod. tech., I am able to share it with the world, but shit, who cares about that, I'm just psyched I got to tell Kathleen! She didn't mention whether she remembered the "incident," but I know she's met thousands of fans so I doubt it. A couple of years ago, I found a bootleg video of that show. I've said this before, but I love when you can watch a moment of your life that had only existed to you in memory form up to that point.

BK Lounge is also a Dane Cook reference. Pity me for knowing that proudly at one point.

Jere, only you could take an experience like that and make it into a story. Anyone else would have let that roll out of their consciousness immediately never to be spoken of again.
BK Lounge is from De La Soul! If Dane Cook used it, he got it from them! Or, you know, the actual BK Lounge, but the point is, my ref was to De La Soul.

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