Saturday, February 27, 2010


An hour and fourteen minutes in, I'm through on the 877 REDSOX9 line! On hold now--I'll let you know if I end up with anything good....

Update: After 15 minutes, a guy answered. I was about to get what I wanted, but I kept having the guy check other sections just in case. Then I heard a click. My phone is just blank now. I don't wanna hang up in case I'm still in the system. But I think the guy may have just disconnected me for asking too many questions! I knew the exact 4 seats I was gonna get, too. This stinks.

I struck out too. Trying to decide if it's worthwhile to pay $170 to sit in the Pavilion Club for a Yankees game, since that's all they seem to have available today. What are your thoughts on that?
I'd just wait till a few days before the game, they'll release more "normal" tix. The last few years I've been getting Yanks tix on the regular schedule page (and I don't mean just singles), you just have to keep checking leading up to each series.

But it was really shitty that I got cut off on the phone. I even knew what I was about to get, Sunday Dodgers game, Sec 39, row 42, and like seats 13-17 I think....

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