Wednesday, January 06, 2010


We only had Andre Dawson on our team for the time it takes to do one bow, but this still counts as another Red Socker in the Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, all the wordplay I can think of would imply he didn't make it:

Ahhh-ahhh-Andre, Ahhh-III'm sorray.

They forgot about Dre.

The Hawk is out.
(Actually, had Jack Morris made it but not Dawson, I could have used the full "Jack Frost chillin', the Hawk is out" line.) (And had they announced it on Christmas...)

And to think, I had eight years to use those. Damn.

Even Richard Dawson doesn't work, as he's dead and used to kiss everybody. That might have been good for a "kiss of death" line.

I'm sure I could come up with something, but the point is, "Awesome Dawson"* is in. Nice job there. I cannot believe Alomar didn't get in on his first try.

*coined by my friend Mike (one of the Yankee fans) when we used to play this game called "Championship Baseball." This was, like, '88-ish. He had some good nicknames. George Brett was "Poed" as in P.O.'ed because he looked pissed off in his picture. Cal Ripken Junior we called Junior Ortiz. One guy's nickname was "Come on, gimme a break," again due to his facial expression. I actually have him on tape showing each card and giving the nickname. I should run that.

Dude, isn't Richard Dawson still alive? (Not that it makes any difference.... "Kiss of Death" still works.)
Well that guy after him killed himself. And he was really young, so I guess in my mind a guy like Dawson couldn't possibly be alive!

I gotta see this for myself...please hold....


Yup, he's alive, age 77. Whoops!

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