Saturday, January 23, 2010

Win, Lose, Or Taiwan

When there was a "report" that the Red Sox would be playing in Australia in March, I thought I was hot shit for knowing that it couldn't be true since tickets were already on sale for spring training games, and they wouldn't just blow those off. But now I see the Dodgers will be playing games in Taiwan in mid-March. Sure enough, they already have games scheduled (one at home and one at the D'backs' ST park) for the dates they'll be in Taiwan for, and tickets can be purchased right now for both. I also assume already-scheduled games on the days before and after the Taiwan dates will be affected, too.

So I wonder how they're gonna handle this. And does this mean if the Sox did get the Aussie-invite after other games were scheduled, they would just blow off the original games? I also feel like maybe the Sox will be playing in Australia next year, and that's what that report was supposed to say in the first place. I wrote an e-mail to "Events NSW" and they wrote back and said:

"The prospect of an MLB game being played in Sydney in future years is very much in the preliminary stages"

and, more awesomely,

"Thanks again for your interest. Go the Boston Red Sox!"

Always exciting just to get a response from people. I can just see the players complaining now about playing two worthless games half a world away.

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