Friday, January 29, 2010


Can you believe it's time for another "big day" already? (I'm 34 so I perceive time to go by twice as fast as it did when I was 17, a fact made even more mind-blowing since I feel like that was just yesterday. Wait, does that mean 0 seemed like two days ago when I was 17?) So, yeah, Tixmas Morn', tomorrow, 10 AM.

Get those windows open tonight. [see added note at bottom] In past years the urls looked like this:

So you had the date and the teams in there. This season each game, from 1-81, has a unique code number. So, since only the Apr/May/Sept games have links on the sked, to find your summer game, just use a number higher than a May game or lower than a September one. Example: you can see the link on the sked for the last May game, 4/30 vs. KC:

The next home game would be the next number up, so add one to 6651629 in the url, and get June 1st vs Oakland:

Find the game(s) you want by doing the math or by narrowing it down, and get that swine open tonight. Then just reload 'em a few minutes before 10. Lately they haven't been letting us into the VWRs until juuust before 10:00.

Good luck. (I also like to try by phone with my third hand.)

Or pay triple face value plus 15% on the scalper/greed sites. The choice is yours!

[Note, a minute later: Just noticed they actually have put up the little T icons for the summer games, so that shortcut is already there. But it's good to know the behind the e-scenes stuff. I guess. Either way, the point remains that you should open your windows tonight instead of waiting till tomorrow, and then just reload 'em. Or whatever.]

[Oh, and I forgot to keep up with the "who's on the tickets" watch. I've gotten a bunch of tickets in the mail lately from Sox Pax, the Apr/May/Sep sale, and the voucher sale, and besides the Pedroia/Clay duo, I've now gotten Ellsbury/Papelbon, and Beckett/Drew. So that's your cousin!]


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