Saturday, January 30, 2010

"T" Icon Minus 30 Minutes

[11:11: Wow--that phone method takes a while! 21 minutes to buy three games--meanwhile I saw windows open up on the computer, so I was getting them all prepped in case the phone order got effed up. But with the pressure on, I finally got to the end of the ordering process and got my conf. number. Got what I wanted except for one of the Phils games--they didn't have 2 upper bleachers together so I picked an alternate game (I have another game in the Phils series already so I didn't mind so much.) Continued good luck to those still waiting. Try the phone!]

[10:50: Phone comes through! Am ordering with "Gertie" now! All these windows, and the old-school method comes through.... am getting what I want, too. Nice.]

[10:40: Haven't had a good, long wait like this in a while. Still shut out.]

[10:20: Tough crowd. Nothin' yet.]

[9:48: Okay, now all tabs/windows are staying in the VWR. I think we're good.]

[Update, 9:44: Interesting. All the windows that went to the VWR cycled a few times and then went back to the ticket page saying Error, game not onsale till 10 AM. This could be a huge deterrent to my methods. But ya know sometimes I kinda root for 'em--I've learned so much, they really should be tweaking the system more often...stay tuned.]

{Update 9:37 AM: VWRs open already!}

If I've done the math correctly, the 600th consecutive sellout game will be Sunday, July 18th, vs. Texas. If there are one or more yet-to-be-made-up rainouts by that date, 600 will move all the way to the next homestand, which starts on Friday, July 30th vs. Detroit. So think about that. Also, if you're having trouble deciding between a Saturday and a Sunday, one thing I always remember is how Sunday is free metered-parking day. I try to get a metered spot anyway for night games and pay the few quarters, but I'm just sayin', Sundays rule. Never pay 40 bucks to park at Fenway when you can pay $0-$2 in quarters.

Also remember that game one of any series would be the day of the return to Fenway of an ex-Sox. And one last tip: Wednesday, September 22nd will be the game when they do the rookie hazing afterward. It will be at night, which is way less cool than when the day before the last road trip falls on a Sunday, but what are ya gonna do? Hopefully we'll get some Sunday hazing in '11.

Good luck.

The only thing about 9/22 is that they're off the next day, but the Yankees aren't. I don't think they'll hit the road from Fenway without having access to Yankee Stadium as the visiting team yet. My guess is that any hazing they do this year will be on the road between cities.
Awwww. Booooo.


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