Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Last Ups Necessary

I'm watching this show on MLBN called MLBN Remembers, narrated by Bob Costas. Just a bunch of wacky highlights--the type of show that used to be on a lot when I was little. Good stuff, even if most of it is stuff I already know about. But this is the type of shows kids should watch instead of ignoring everything that happened before their memories began.

Anyway, terrible job just now: Costas tells the world that Ted Williams hit his homer of the Eephus pitch in the bottom of the ninth. In a game he just told us was a 12-0 win by the home team. I admit I couldn't have told you which inning of the '46 ASG that home run happened in--but I could have told you it wasn't the one that didn't happen.

Eighth inning, guys.


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