Monday, January 11, 2010

Latest Kwiz Answered

It's time to give the answer to this kwiz. And it's perfect that no one got it because I messed something up. Here's the picture again. And here's how I arrived at the answer:

Okay, it's clearly Carl Yastrzemski. Scoring against the A's at home. The picture is from the April '76 SportsGuide so it's from 1975 at the latest. No bicentennial patch for Yaz--but those weren't worn in the postseason, so, since he's in the jammies, it's gotta be from '72-'74 or the '75 postseason. Many of the other photos from the magazine were from '75, which made me assume it was the 1975 ALCS. And I was sure it was from the first inning of game one, with Yaz sliding past Gene Tenace. And that's where retrosheet has it wrong--they say Yaz singled and scored on an error on the play. He didn't score on that play, he scored on the next play, Fisk's liner past Bando that Claudell Washington also botched. And I was about to post that as the answer, until I realized some things were wrong. Old news articles show the A's wearing yellow in that game, not green. This photo also is from a night game (see the shadows and Fenway's seven light towers reflecting in Tenace's helmet), and Game 1 of the '75 ALCS was a day game. I also found another picture of Tenace from the game, and he had a blank helmet, no A's logo as in this pic.

That makes this game from either '73 or '74, since Tenace had been wearing number 38 in '72 before switching to a number starting with 1 (18), which he has on in the picture. And Yaz only scored one time at Fenway on a non-home run in that time when Tenace was catching. June 11th, 1974. Carbo hit a bloop single to right with two outs. Yaz was running from first. When Reggie bobbled the ball in the outfield, the Gerbil sent Yaz home. Articles from that game say that Tenace actually accused the Red Sox of running up the score--only to have the A's close the lead to one. The Sox won 10-9.

So nobody had it right, including me, until just now. No credit given...

More interesting (to .0000000000001 percent of the population) info I discovered. Like I said, the bicentennial patch wasn't worn in the postseason (only during regular season, at home, in '75 and '76). But I found a pic from a Red Sox workout during the week off between the end of the '75 regular season and the ALCS--and Fred Lynn was taking BP in his home jersey WITH patch. So I'd guess they were given brand-new patchless jerseys (or, less likely, had the patches taken off) right before game one of the ALCS.

Okay, I'm still not sure. Now I'm thinking it could be Fosse (#10), not Tenace, and therefore it could be from ALCS game 2. I found a pic of Fosse tagging a runner out the inning before in game 2, and he had the green jersey and the same light-colored sleeves underneath (and you prob. wouldn't need sleeves in June). And Game two was at 4 PM in Boston in October, so the lights would have been on in the sixth inning. Also, retrosheet could have it wrong and maybe Tenace had already moved to catcher then, and not in the 8th, as they did some switching.

And it really would make sense since all the pics in that zine are from '75. San Fran Sox Fan DID guess this moment. I will give her credit. 6 for SF SF!
Southeast Missourian was the paper I found the Fosse Game 2 pic in.
Jere, you should be a detective specializing in baseball. It's a perfect fit! Great job.
Thanks, man.

If I could just tell if that's Shylak or DiMuro it would help, too. And I swear that's Tenace, but I guess all those A's looked the same, and it could be an FO, not a TE, on the jersey. But it really looks like Tenace and a TE.
No, that's definitely Tenace, NOT Fosse, in that photo. For one thing, it looks like Tenace, who looked nothing like Fosse aside from the mustache. Second, look at his nameplate: it starts with a T.
Yes those reasons make this Tenace. That's why I'm thinking this would have to be a Tenace play--but the only plays that work are Fosse plays. (Unless it is from the June '74 game.) There's our problem.

When I looked at Fosse pics at first, I was like, Okay, that's not this guy. But when I saw some shots of him on the A's with stache/burns, he could almost pass as Tenace. And it could be an F with a fold covering part of it.

I agree with you, though, if I had to bet who's in the picture, I'd bet it all on Tenace.
I'd go with Tenace, too. Same nose as in the close-up photos. But you're right about the A's all looking more or less alike, and the grainy photos don't help either.
The only picture of Fosse in an Oakland uniform I could find on the net:

It's not definitive, but it doesn't look like his catcher's helmet has a "A's" emblem on it. And 70's 'stache and sideburns aside, the two guys really don't look much alike.

It's a shame Yaz's helmet isn't in the picture, since that would tell us definitely if this was '73-'74 or '75.

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