Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Kwiz

Frank Welch is the only player in MLB history to do what?

Have the nickname "Bugger?" Honestly, you've got me...
The only player in history to be named Frank Welch?
Ha--you may both be "right," but as per Kwiz rules, it's gotta be "what I was thinking of"...
Play in "A" ball and in the majors in the same season.

but not what I'm looking for.
He hit an ITPHR vs Babe Ruth, but I doubt he was the only one to do that. ... Maybe the ITPHR *and* he got buggered by the Babe?

(Google tells me he was the 1,000th HBP in Philadelphia Athletics history.)
Ruth did give up more than one ITPHR--but you're totally on the right track!
Welch homered in his MLB debut -- which was also on the day Ruth set a new season HR mark -- but they were not playing against each other that day.

No clue.
Okay, I'm givin' it up:

Welch was the only person to hit a home run off of Babe Ruth while Ruth was a Yankee.

Looking at Ruth's pitching HR log, I'm also curious about Sam Rice's dong off Ruth. He's the only guy to homer off Ruth in the first inning of a game anyway, but I want to know if it was a leadoff homer. Rice was a leadoff-type guy so I'd say it was. But I can't find any news accounts or a boxscore to confirm.

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