Monday, January 11, 2010


You know how the fences at Fenway all the way around the park are covered with ads? And you know how I totally hate that? (I mean, yeah, I understand they need to do this and if it was just a few, whatever, but when it gets to the point where every inch of space is covered it just looks ridiculous.) I have an idea to stop it. Major corporations, listen up:

You are billionaires. I am asking you to pull your billboard from Fenway Park. But Jere, won't another company just fill that space? Funny you should ask, Corporate Voice. The answer is no--IF you pay for the space you already have, but make your ad's design be: a solid green rectangle. We can make the Fenway walls green again if we just buy sections of it and make them green!

At first I was thinking, what if we all got a bunch of money together and paid for a billboard on the right field fence that said "Stop the Ads" or "Ads are stupid" or something, but I figure the team could just refuse our money--it's their choice what they put up there. But if freakin' Nikon or whoever said "We just want a green rectangle," and held out the cash, maybe the team would agree--they get their money, and Fenway looks a little more like Fenway.

So, corporations and other billionaires, start readying your pitch. In fact, maybe I should be asking just regular billionaires. They'd just be helping the cause, without losing any advertising they used to have. But corporations, come on, we know you exist. You think we wouldn't have heard of Comcast if there wasn't a big sign reminding us of its existence?

I don't really mind the ads when they're just white text on the green walls. It's the big yellow banners that drive me batty.
Yeah I'm talking about the right field wall and basically all the walls and facings in foul territory.

For the Monster, which of course had its ads in the past, they were at least good enough to blend them in. And occasionally they'll do something that's unique, like the Gulf sign or the Hancock signature. But most of it just looks like a smorgasboard of crap.

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