Friday, January 01, 2010

Icy Cold

Here's what I don't get. You're in Times Square. You're surrounded by advertising signs. Somebody hands you a billboard in the shape of a hat. And you put it on?

You know what I'm talkin' about--the huge crowd conveniently right by the national cameras wearing hats with the Nivea logo plastered all over them. This company is depending on a random crowd of people to be their billboard. Why let them get away with it? Our bodies seem to be the last places in the country where there's no advertising. You can do what you want with it. Hey, if you want to advertise on your person, at least choose the thing you want to shill for!

We can head in one of two directions. We can just let ads take over every piece of space including living things. Or we can say NO when a company gives us a billboard to drape ourselves in. Imagine if that company went to hand out their thousand hats, and we just looked at them like they were crazy? Why wouldn't that be the norm, as opposed to, "Oh, okay, I'll do anything you say without even thinking about it"? What if it was an al-Qaeda hat? A bin Laden hat? A Yankee hat?

And it's not like these Nivea hats are just some wacky oversized hat that a drunk party-goer would want to wear anyway, with a tiny Nivea logo on the side. They're nothing more than hat-shaped billboards.

And if they offer to pay you on the spot to wear one, take their money and then throw the hat away, look right at them, and say, Nice business decision, ass hole!

But they don't need to pay people. People will always do what the person next to them is doing.

Happy Effin' New Year.

Fenway Ice webcam here. (Or just check around on to see the live blimp shot of the game or whatever.)


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