Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Love It

That idiot who runs the DirtDogs site (I'm proud to say my complete boycott of it has lasted for years now and I hate the fact that so many people probably still think it's "the" source for Red Sox "news" online) has posted to's Extra Bases site about this Saturday's ticket sale. Going by last year's information, he tells us how Yankees and Opening Day games won't be available during this sale.

But since he's a media whore and not a real fan, he wasn't paying attention to the Red Sox Road Trip thing, which revealed that Dodgers games also are considered "special" games this season and won't be part of this big sale. (Info can be read on this page, in the box in the middle.)

This is a great example of how anyone could do the job the Globe hired that racist asshole to do--only they'd probably do it better.

They finally did correct that, but still left it kind of confusing by not removing all of the text from the original. Overall, terrible job.

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