Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Goldest Lunch Break

Used the vouchers, quickly got several windows to pop out of VWRs, and had three sets of tix by 12:08. (Two on behalf of other people, of course--my mom attempted to give it a shot herself and gave a valiant effort, but I stepped in so we'd get what we wanted. And when my mom is buyin', she goes for the good seats, so we got the summer weekend game of our choice, right behind the Sox' dugout. I like this method--one splurge game, and the rest: 12-dollar upper bleacher-fest or pavilion SRO (and then go down to the good seats anyway when the bored rich people and parents take off.))

I still hate the fact that we real fans have to fight with people buying just so they can re-sell. (Well, they didn't put up much of a fight today, but you know what I'm talkin' about.) I do like how the Red Sox are doing this voucher method--because you can tell most of the people who go out to get the vouchers intend to actually buy the tix so they can go to a game.


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