Friday, January 22, 2010

First Tix Of '10 (Spoilers Ahead!)

The tickets look about the same as last year, except for the middle section which now has your area of the park inside a rectangle. Same as usual with the player pics--I got my Sox Pax (singular) and each game had the same two guys for its two tickets, and I got Pedroia and Buchholz. You never know if this stuff means anything, but if they're putting Clay on the tickets, that could be a good sign for him sticking around.

Oh, and same classic gray envelope with white one inside containing the tix (no pocket schedule in mine--but I did get one already, must have been in the letter they sent to me as a 10-game plan holder or something--the little tagline is "162 Save-the-Dates"), and they still haven't solved that problem of the glue on the inside of the gray one sticking to the outside of the white one:

Oh, and the Mets called me! Like, an actual guy from their ticket office left me a message, since I bought tix to Shea-Nouz last season. I was thinking about asking him how they and all the other teams can tell me that it's illegal to resell my tickets but then tell me about their official sponsor, the Internet ticket-scalping agency who tells me to sell them those very same tickets.

FWIW, I got the OD Sox Pack too, with 3 seats to each game. My tickets go Paps-Jacoby-Paps for 2 of the games, and Jacoby-Paps-Jacoby for the other 2 games.

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