Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fences Can Change

For some reason I decided to pinpoint right when the Red Sox cut down that old wire-screen fence at the front of the bleachers on the bullpen roof. Fans in the first few rows would have to look through it, but now I think maybe only the wheelchair accessible row and the first row of green seats are affected. It also made it hard to stand there during BP, balancing with your arms awkwardly slung over the fence, the top of it cutting into your armpits.

I did mention the cut-down before, but now I know exactly when it happened. From my 6/23/08 gallery:

At far right, under Nikon, you see people hanging over, railing in armpits.

And then from 7/9/08:

Fence now cut down to three-and-a-half grid-squares high. It even looks like the people in the wheelchair/folding chair row are able to look right over it. Here's another view of just how low it is now, from May 9th, 2009:

And two more views of the "old" way, from the 2007 ALCS (see bottom left):

And from April '08:

There were no home series in between those two games, in June and July of '08. So they did it roughly over July 4th weekend, 2008. Your move, Bresciani!

Seems like I was just talking about Conan's first show in his new slot--and it's already over, him going out tonight to Will Ferrell singing "Freebird" with Beck and Conan himself on guitar. I look forward to whatever he does next....

Jere, it's a sad state of affairs when we start obsessing over the fence...that or we're ready for baseball season :-D

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