Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fall-Off Fame

I remember back when BSM was following the Brewers, he'd talk about Bill Hall, and I'd think, "there can't be a baseball player named 'Bill Hall'." But there was, and now he's a Red Socker. From what I heard five years ago, this guy's practically a Hall of Famer! Oh wait, he's been seriously declining for like five years. Oh well.

And Ellsbury's officially moving to left. Cameron sways easily over to center.

Bill Hall? Why not just give up Kochtmann for free?
I always hope these random right handed hitters we get just see the Wall and realize they just need to hit a lazy fly ball every time. Maybe this is the guy!
We don't need a backup 1B that Kochtmann (or Kotchman) would be. Hall is the IF backup that we needed and can play OF as a bonus. Also, I heard we are getting a minor leaguer, too. Doesn't look like any freebie to me.

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