Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conan Does The Right Thing

I support Conan!

Me too. Did you catch Letterman last night? I felt like he was extra-funny talking about it. I also liked his spoof on NBC's potential new drama for the 10pm time slot. Law & Order: Leno Victims Unit. Starring: Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon and Carson Daly.
Missed Dave... but I was just thinking of you right before I got this comment! I was talking about Elvis impersonators. You did have one at your wedding right?
Ha! That was Mel's and Damon's wedding. This guy my dad knew from the track was an Elvis impersonator and because Mel and Damon met in Memphis it somehow all came together. Not sure how, though. Mel brings this up once in a while and is mortified by it. I thought it was great!
I knew it was one of you two, and after really thinking about it, I decided it was you. Whoops. That's really funny that she had one though....
I support Conan too. If they bump him he should sue.

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