Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bronson Arroyo's # Being Retired

It's at his high school, but you take what you can get.

Meanwhile Wily Mo Pena's high school is still promising a world-class theater/gym/biodome but construction has yet to begin. The upside on this thing is HUGE, though, so stay tuned.

Theo's certainly made some bad moves over the years to go along with the good, but this remains one which doesn't really bother me. Yes, Wily Mo was a bust, but Bronson's had one fantastic year, two ok years, and one really lousy one, all while pitching in the very weak NL Central. Still see no evidence that he'd have been anything more than a 5th starter if he had stayed w/the Sox in the AL East. He's been quite an innings eater though, I'll give him that. But the Sox really haven't been lacking for starting pitching. And then there's the whole admitting-to-taking-PEDs thing.

And the deal could still end up inadvertently working out well for the Sox. Bronson was traded for Wily Mo, who was traded for Chris Carter, who was traded for Billy Wagner, who just left to sign w/the Braves, giving the Sox the 20th pick in this year's Amateur Draft. So if Theo and his staff chose wisely, there's still some chance that they end up with a player who ends up being much more valuable than Bronson anyway.
"You never give up, Richard!"

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