Saturday, January 09, 2010

Baby Face

Okay, here's an aspect of the Fenway experience that I've never brought up. (Neither has anyone else as far as the Google Search Gnomes are concerned.)

Before every game, the song "Baby Face" is played on the organ. You know: "you've got the cutest little baby face..." It's weird because I always find myself humming along to it at the park or later on, but it never hits me what song it is, since it's an instrumental version. At some point recently I realized it must be Baby Face, so I went to YouTube and verified it. You can listen to several versions there: Brenda Lee, Little Richard, Whisperin' Jack Smith --there was even a disco version.

If mem. serves, I'm pretty sure this song is the last song played on organ before they break out the actual songs with words sung by the artists*. The first of which, for a while, was that cheesy "join us" tune. I think they stopped with that one in '09, though. I think sometimes they play the Cheers theme as the first non-instrumental, or Iz' great version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

All of these songs get the shaft when people make "Red Sox" playlists!

*I'm talking after BP--during Red Sox BP they play "real" songs that the guys on the team select, and if you go a half hour before gates with your RSN card, you hear the ones with full-on cursing. But then they start in with the organ tunes.


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