Sunday, January 31, 2010

40 Subscriptions

Have you noticed Baseball-Reference has ads now? I would hope this means they're no longer charging people to "sponsor" pages over there.

I guess they're pretty desperate for cash if they're accepting vibrator ads!

Haven't they had ads for awhile -- at least the better part of a year?

Still, they are unobtrusive -- and the site is essential -- so I'll forgive Mr. Forman.
I would say lat last baseball season they added them but I could be wrong.

You sponsor players, right? I take it they're still charging you? My sponsorships over there expired last year. I guess I could go check and see if they say they're charging, but I wonder if they've said anything to you as a sponsor.
Note to everyone: When I saw a comment from Joy of Sox this morning, I figured it was on the kwiz kwestion, as i felt he'd be the only one to get it right, but it turns out he happened to be commenting on this post. Anyway, that's a clue!
I sponsor Buchholz. (I should be sponsoring the 1918 team page, but there was a mixup and now a MFY fan has it. Boo.) You should have received emails saying your period of sponsoring was ending.

The ads have nothing to do with the sponsoring. Just another source of revenue.

Now off to the kwiz!
Yeah I didn't say there was a problem with my sponsorships ending--I just let them expire after a year. I was just wondering if as a still-current sponsor they wrote you and said, Hey, we've got actual advertising now, so all real-people sponsorships are free now! But I guess not.

Kim and I were watching a show called "Disappeared" last night, and the detective guy was named Allan Wood. It was like this horrible true story, but I had to laugh every time they'd say his name all serious-like....

"The girl was probably going to turn up dead, said Allan Wood"


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