Thursday, December 10, 2009

When Yankee Fans Try To Write

There's some fake Yankee ad "going around." You just knew there'd be errors. Especially in the apostrophe area--always a trouble spot for brainless Yankee fans. They just can't seem to grasp contractions.

Always so stupid when they bring the actual cities into it. If New York is better than Boston because the Yankees had a better year than the Red Sox, how come you can't say Boston is better at the same time because the Red Sox had a better year than the Mets? And do people in some town in a small farming village in upstate New York say that Boston is a cow-town or whatever? See what I mean? It's all just dumb. I base it on the fans alone, and we're better in every way. Clearly. (I'm also reacting to the other stupid versions of this ad which the original begat.)

Other funny stuff--I was doing a little more research on the blog-spamming, and I came across a blog (which seems to be partnered with ESPN) called "It's About the Money, (Stupid!)" Check out their banner. In less than a second, I noticed that the picture of the two Yankee Stadiums is backwards. Pretty "stupid," eh? You'd think one of their Yankee fan readers would have spotted this by now. (Please note: if it's backwards on purpose for some reason, how should I know? I don't read Yankee blogs.) (Also, I would have taken the exclamation point out from inside the parentheses and then...well, I don't wanna get into a whole big thing about it...)

Oh, and I've been meaning to say this ever since Peter Abraham has gone from covering the Yanks to covering the Sox: Why does he treat us like children? Right away he came out with some crap about "if you became a fan in 2004..." and it seems like every time I read him, he's giving me reminders about things everybody knows. Especially everybody who cares about the Red Sox enough to read about them on blogs in December. This guy has obviously been dealing with Yankee fans for too long...

Thanks for noticing the Stadiums. My graphics designer did that for several reasons, not least of which was to simply make them fit the banner better and see the fields better.

Yes, readers have noticed. Thank you for noticing, too.

The ! is inside the parenthesis, because that's what it is referencing. Not "it's about the money", but the "stupid!".

Feel free to ask more good questions next time you don't read Yankee blogs.

And yes, I am partnered with Rob Neyer and his SweetSpot network on ESPN.

Again, thanks for noticing the stadiums. Good eye.

Jason @ IIATMS
Haha, thanks!

Yeah, I really was just there checking on the Steiner Spammers. You've got one called Sam E 23 in your comments on your post here. That's our boy Sam Enr1quez, of Res0lute D1g1tal, who has been going around spamming everywhere.

I see you either disabled his link or he forgot to include it...
So, if the exclamation point is inside the parenthesis, that leaves a couple problems. First, I don’t think you’re allowed to have a complete sentence inside a parenthetical expression. Plus, the sentence in the banner now ends in a comma, which is another no-no. Really, the comma shouldn't be used before the parenthetical expression anyway since the parenthesis remove the thought from the sentence flow on their own.

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