Friday, December 11, 2009

'Twas La Noche...

Big day tomorrow. The links to games that will be on sale are active. I noticed each game has its own number in the url, as opposed to it showing the two teams and the date. All that means is that if you're going by the direct link stored in your browser's memory, it's harder to tell which game is which. No biggie. The other possible difference is that the VWR reloads after 15 seconds instead of 30. At least that's how it happened for the spring training sale.

I also used the code numbers in the April/May games to look at the June and beyond games. Those are showing a January 30th on-sale date. Excet for the September games, which show Sunday the 13th. That makes sense since those usually go on sale shortly after the April/May. (Any of these dates could change.)

And now it's time for the yearly "make fun of the Sox Pax names" report: Aside from the classics (Opening Day, Pats Day, TGIF, Saturday Special, Sunday Best), they've got the Yankee and Pinstripe pack. These, like some others, have exactly one Yankees game. Then you've got the Yaz and Splendid Splinter Pax. These are simply named after the number of the pack. 8 and 9. And finally, there's the Extra Inning Pack. Again, named after its number, 10. So nothing too ridiculous or cryptic this year. For people who care about opening day, tomorrow's Sox Pax sale is the way to go. And don't forget about the phone method. It counts, too.

Good luck.

And shortly after posting this, I remembered that noche is a feminine noun. So I changed it to La Noche. Myyyy mistake...

8 minutes before show time and no VWR.....weird!
I remember them cutting it this close recently.....
Seems like the switchover happened right at 10. 10:09, 75 windows open, waiting patiently.
Dude, tI got through on phone and every game says it's not on sale. I think the Door hasn't really opened yet,
Any idea when the de-facto on sale time would be? Seems weird that they'd advertise 10 AM on TV and radio and then put it later than that.
well remember how for playoff last year on the 3:00 thing it was like 3:15.... who knows
877REDSOX9 jammed up like my garbage disposal at the moment.
A window popped around 10:34. I'm in for Opening Day! (ANd Lowell's first game back IF he's a Ranger.)

Can you get the Pax on that line? The REDSOX6 line (and it's secret friend) get you single games only.
No idea - they are advertising that number on the VWR page, so maybe, but I haven't gotten through yet (busy signals) so not sure.
11:47, no sign of the http://... Just "Virtual" all over my tabs.
I've had windows open ever since I scored, trying to get singles, and no more have popped up. I wonder if the 15 seconds is hurting us cuz more people are gettin in sooner...

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