Sunday, December 27, 2009

Successful Try

I found this site where you can play old NES games. It's kind of hard with a keyboard as a controller, but I'm still almost at the point where I can get a thousand yards rushing out of Bo Jackson. Normally I'm an Okoye man, but if you really wanna dominate you gotta go to Bo. Of course, Marcus Allen is eternally pissed at me, as he's the one who racks up the negative yardage to continually give Bo a long field to work with. The other challenge is making sure the game is tied at the end of regulation to get that extra quarter's worth of yards.

Here's the Tecmo link--follow the category links at the top to find other games. I never knew MTV's Remote Control had an NES game! Also, I think that site may be illegal, so play now before they're shut down.

52 degrees in Prov. today. The backyard went from snow-covered to mudpatch. Something days till Truck Day.

Update: Shortly after posting, I finally reached the coveted 1K mark! See vid and pic below:


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