Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stuff .01 Percent Of You Can Relate To. Feel Free To Skim.

Spring is just around the right field corner, because I just got my 10-Game Plan info in the escargot mail. (Yes, on the same day I complained about it not being here yet.)

Every year I tell you how we 10th Male Human Plan holders used to get our tix at the discounted price and get cool gifts and stuff, but lately we don't. This year, we are getting a couple of little things. We're allowed to pay by credit card. This is key because I got suckered into getting that Red Sox credit card a while back, so putting a big purchase on there would get me a lot of points toward Red Sox stuff.* So you'd think that this card that the team pushes would be their preferred choice of season ticket payment. Now it is. The other thing is that if we use that card to pay, we get an autographed Papi Sports Illustrated. While supplies last. So they could be gone already. Come on, just give us free junk, no strings!

*Unfortunately, the "stuff" is things like a Dennis Eckersley signed mini-helmet for 8 million points. So I'm just gonna wait 50 years and finally cash in, hopefully for something good.

Speaking of expensive merch, or not so expensive merch: @, the Bay and Lowell jerseys and in some cases, player t-shirts are marked down 50%...sort of understandable even though neither has gone anywhere yet. But, guess who's road jersey and player tees are also 1/2 price? A certain Native American center fielder...I wonder if those two Greek Dudes who own twins know something we don't know...weird.

Also, I got kicked out of the Street Dogs show in DC two nights ago for repeatedly getting on stage to sing w/ the band. The Black Cat staff has no sense of humor...
Interesting about the Jacoby merch. I guess it could just be that they're selling less because of speculation so they marked 'em down. Then again, that store is partnered with the team now....

TJ by BCS. Both of 'em.

I was just mentioning/posting vids with stage-diving/singalong-ing over at that One Base on an Overthrow blog.
Didn't Ellsbury switch to number 2? That would explain a discount on his jerseys.
I forgot about that! That explains it...but, where are the 2 jerseys??
Ah, well that solves the Ellsbury mystery...Are the Sox switching some jersey design or something that might preclude Twins from selling the new #2 jerseys?
What card is that? I'm interested.

The Black Cat is awesome BTW, I loved that place, easiest club in DC to get to. 9:30 Club is nice and all but not real centrally located.
Just that Red Sox MasterCard that they have for every MLB team.

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