Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Sked May Change Me-e...

Since opening day moved up to Sunday night, game two will now be Tuesday, and three will be Wednesday. I'm wondering how this affects season ticket-type plans. For uh-zample, my 10-Game Plan includes Wednesday games, and I usually get the first Wednesday of the season in my package. So will I now have a Tuesday game? And if so, wouldn't that piss me off if I specifically got that plan because I have fight club on Tuesday nights or something and absolutely couldn't go? (Also, aren't I pissed that while they have offered me the chance to renew my plan already, they have yet to tell which games I have? Yes.) Eh, we'll get it straightened out.

Oh and I like how the linked press release mentions the whole "NESN = New England except Fairfield County" thing. Any time that fact goes out to the public, there's a chance somebody in charge (of something) sees it and says, "Whatwhatwhat? Let's get this fixed now, for the best Sox fans in New England."


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