Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"Reserve" Your Spot Today

Check out the following sentence from the registration form for Xmas at Fenway (this appears in the special form for RSN members too):

In addition to having a guaranteed opportunity to purchase tickets, those in attendance will be visited by a variety of guests -- Red Sox players and coaches, Wally the Green Monster, and even Santa and Mrs. Clause.


If you're gonna do a Christmas thing, the one name you have to know how to spell is freakin' Santa Claus.

Anyway, I'm glad they're doing the Yard Sale again. More non-Steiner junk for me! (If I'm selected...) After a few more years of this, I'll be building my own Fenway out of its old bricks.

Of all the contests this team has done, the one thing I've never won is Xmas at Fenway. However, people seem to think if you don't get selected, you don't get tickets. But you do. By getting them online at the same time. I prefer it that way anyway. I'd rather win the Yard Sale drawing.

Wait... how do you 'win' Xmas at Fenway? What exactly do you win?
You have to be selected in the lottery just to go. At which point you're guaranteed tix.

In the early days of it, you just went and sat out in the cold to try and get in, but for the past few years with construction they haven't had a lot of room so it's been lottery only.
I went in 2003. Curt Schilling and his beige sweater were there. We pretty much just walked in, got wristbands, and sat around in the .406 club until they called our numbers.

It wasn't bad! On the way home, they announced that Keith Foulke was coming after debating all off-season if he'd stay in Oakland or not.
I think that was the first one. And I think that and '04 were open to whoever, but since '05 you had to register/be chosen to get in. Making me 0 for 5.

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