Wednesday, December 09, 2009

PH Unbalanced

When Paris Hilton became famous, I thought about that Simpsons episode when the advertising signs came to life. How Lisa discovered that if we "just don't look," these horrors will disappear. I wished everyone would just ignore Paris (and all the other people who seem to be famous for literally no reason). I figured if we sang the "just don't look" song, they'd be gone soon.

Today I saw an article on by some ASS HOLE, analyzing and pondering the recent "disappearance" of Paris Hilton. She finally goes away, and they write about THAT. Shut up! The freakin' dragon leaves the village and leave out dragon food in the town square just to be sure it's not coming back?

I know, I'm doing the same thing by bringing this up. But I don't have millions of readers.

it's got paul anka's guarantee. guarantee void in tennesse.
haha. I forgot about that line.....
I know, I'm doing the same thing by bringing this up. But I don't have millions of readers.

I had totally forgotten who Paris Hilton was until you brought this up. Looking for clarification, I spoke with about a million people in the past hour, who had also forgotten.

Never doubt your influence, sir.
Damn! Foiled again.
Channel surfing late last night, Jere, and I discovered a soft-core porn flick that used Twilight Zone characters' names as covers for the crew:
So true. What pisses me off the most is when media people are like "everybody is talking about..." and then proceed to BE the people who are talking about the odious Jons and Kates of the world. Why do the awful 5% of people who actually care about these things have to make the rest of us listen to them?

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