Saturday, December 12, 2009

Opening Day

Got the OD pack at 10:34-ish. I really don't think tix went on sale at 10 exactly, but I could be wrong.

Update, 12:55: Wow, was just about to head out the door, but checked my windows one last time, trying for single tix. And the original one I opened but had kept minimized as kind of a bonus attempt window had popped! So I got a bunch of my usual upper bleacher singles, including some in the fun little sections by the ball wall in center field.

Took a while, but I got exactly what I wanted.

If you're still in VWR heck, good luck. Stay strong...

Got in around 3 PM, as soon as I selected price range I got kicked out.

Went to buy a Christmas tree, got back at 5:00, 3 windows open. 2 got kicked out when I selected price range, so I closed every VWR window and got through, got a seat selection, and it wouldn't validate my credit card. Took four attempts to get my credit card in.

Worst VWR I've ever had but I still ended up getting the pack with the game I wanted (last game of the year vs. Yankees).
I did have a CC issue. It told me my MC needed to start with 5 and for the verification # to be correct. Which it did and was. But I had my Visa ready as a back-up.

Then I went to amazon and bought that Operation Ivy cd to make sure the MC worked, and it did. So they must have been having problems.

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